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We greatly appreciate your donation to Haiti Children's Outreach, Inc. Your donation will help the ongoing Hurricane Matthew (Oct 2016) rebuilding efforts for the children of the MAR-DAV Orphanage and Our Lady of Perpetual Help School (both suffered great damage).  Our goals this year are to restore an indoor cooking/kitchen and eating area in the Orphanage and to construct a much needed playground for the 300 school children! Merci', Merci'


Haiti Children's Outreach, Inc. is a 501(c)3 entity with Tax ID Number 46-2947147.

All donations are tax deductible.

Donations will be made to the MAR-DAV Orphanage – Trou-Bois, Haiti (Director - Ertha Papillon). Donations will be used for the ongoing repair work to the kitchen and eating area after Hurricane Matthew devastated the Orphanage in Oct 2016.   Other funding is needed for food, education expenses for the children, medical supplies, medical expenses, operating expenses, and for needed capital expenses.  Thank you for your donation!

Donations will be made to Our Lady of Perpetual Help School (Pre-K to Grade 6) in Trou-Bois, Haiti (Director - Ertha Papillon). Your donation will be used as a match donation (up to $1,000) to complete construction of the playground for the children.  Funds are also needed to assure continued quality teachers, to provide food and uniforms for children, for other school operating expenses, and for ongoing school repairs due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in Oct 2016.  Save The Children Organization provided a new roof, fresh paint, desks and benches six months after the Hurricane!  The school reopened in September 2017 to serve 300 of the poorest children in Haiti and celebrated its 20th Anniversary in June 2018! Thank you for your donation!

Please pray for all the people of South West Haiti that they will not be forgotten after Hurricane Matthew......Merci

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