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Past Projects - After Hurricane Matthew (Aug 2016)

Video taken after Hurricane Matthew showing the destruction to the orphanage

Please continue to pray for their strength as they try to rebuild from basically nothing. Your donations are greatly appreciated!  They cannot survive without them. There have been several confirmed cases of Cholera in the neighboring towns as of 10/10/16. Luckily due to new water filters donated, we have not had any confirmed cases in Duchity or Trou-Bois.

Children of the Mar-Dav Orphanage after Hurricane Matthew

Clothes were donated to Ertha by a friend from Florida. These clothes replaced the only set of wet clothing the children had after the hurricane.

Water With Blessings- 2018

People are still struggling to have clean water to drink.  St. Thomas the Apostle in Naperville, IL sent Hurricane Disaster Emergency Funds which enabled 60 families in the Trou-Bois area to have food and Sawyer water filters.  These 60 families now can have clean drinking water for life without changing a filter….just back flushing each day.


Haiti Children’s Outreach partnered with Water With Blessings to deliver an additional 225 Sawyer water filters to the area in order to train 225 mothers with children to filter water for their individual family and for 3 other families in the area. Nine Hundred (900) families are now receiving clean water do to this effort!  Clean water saves lives!  Thank you for your help with this!

Please pray for all the people of South West Haiti that they will not be forgotten after Hurricane Matthew......Merci

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