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BEFORE the New FRONT Playground Project-----removing rocky ground, etc

AFTER the New FRONT Playground Project-----removing rocky ground, etc.  The area in front of the school has been paved and the children can now sit on the beautiful rock edging, stand in line before the school bell rings without tripping on rocks, and play ball at recess!  Thank you!

Haiti Children’s Outreach has been awarded another Matching Grant from the Franciscan Foundation in the amount of $1000 to help complete the construct of a playground at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Trou-Bois, Haiti.   


Below are some facts about the school:

  • Founded by Ertha Papillon in 1998 for the poorest of the poor children

  • Pre-K thru Grade 6 (300 children)

  • 95-100% pass rate on government testing since inception

  • No playground due to rocky ground

  • The school celebrated its 20th year on June 17, 2018


We are looking for donations to help with the construction of the playground.  Every $1 you can contribute will be matched 1:1 and help the children of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School enjoy the gift of a playground… have sporting activities, competition with other schools nearby, outdoor assemblies, to help increase enrollment, and to just run and exercise.


There are very few playgrounds in all of Haiti!  This will bring joy to children and parents alike and restore hope for all for a better future.  Education is the key out of poverty and this school is focused on helping the children grow in body, mind and spirit!


The children appreciate any contribution, as their parents are contributing some labor and some materials but need much more. You are helping to make a difference in the lives of children who do not have many opportunities for growth! Donations will provide an opportunity for these students, and for future students, to enjoy the gift of “play” and exercise! Please visit our donation page to contribute! Thank you!

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