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Support the Children of the Mar-Dav Orphanage

Currently this kitchen is used to feed 26 children and is transformed into a sleeping area for 13 boys at night.  The Earthquake of Aug 2021 destroyed the main orphanage building where the children previously slept.

There are 2 urgent needs right now:

1) Funds for food for 26 children.  The cost is 3x what it was last year.  The storage of food is near empty! Gangs from Port-au-Prince (7 hr drive from Orphanage) block the roads so we cannot send someone safely to drive there to get peanut butter and other staples we need for our children.  Food is being purchased in small quantities in a major town (1-1/2 hr away via a motorcycle taxi) as funds are available, as well as at the local market.  Please consider helping us with this food crisis!!  Thank you!!

2) The other urgent need is to build a boys dormitory, restroom, and study area on the cement foundation of the main orphanage building that was destroyed in 2021.  Please help the boys in the Orphanage have a dormitory again!       


        Thank You! Thank You!

God bless you for helping these precious orphans in their time of need.

Support the Children of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School


Our Lady of Perpetual Help school is 25 years old and has 350 students!  New desks are needed to replace over 200 desks that were damaged over the years (especially after Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and the Earthquake of 2021).  

The major focus this year is to begin a computer lab for the students in grades 7, 8 and 9.  The Ministry of Education in Haiti now requires computer education before a student can enter Secondary School.


We have a match donation up to $2,500.  Education is the key to get out of poverty.  Please help these Haitian students have the opportunity to learn computers in order to be more equipped to have a better life. 

             Thank You!  Thank You!

                God bless you!

Since 2000 until a few years ago, teams have been visiting Ertha's School and Orphanage.  We are looking forward to the time when teams can visit again!  The Haitian government and economic times have currently made this not workable.  However, many people are waiting to visit the Orphanage and School children!  For more information please email:

CLICK HERE for the Link to Ertha's Missionary Talk-2021

Fr. Don McLaughlin, pastor of Our Lady of Mercy Parish in Aurora, Il welcomed Ertha Papillon as a Misionary Speaker in Sept. 2021.  Fr. Don McLaughlin had previously been on a mission trip to visit Ertha's Orphanage and School that she founded. 


This mission appeal support was critical after the Earthquake of August 2021 in Trou-Bois, Haiti where the Orphanage and School both suffered considerable damage.


  We thank both Fr Don McLaughlin and Our Lady of Mercy Parish, as well as Fr Jeff Stromberg and Christ the King Parish in Lombard, IL for their generosity which provided temporary shelter for the beautiful children in the Orphanage.  Thank you!  Thank you!  

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